Friday, June 24, 2011

Catch Up Post

Wow, you'd think this would be the final post after all this time, but NO, the coop STILL isn't done, and I still have 1 rooster and 8 hens living in my sunroom.  We keep not spending entire days on the weekend working on the coop, but rather, bits here and there.  Its not working so well.  Looking back at the blog though, I see we have made significant progress.  I got a bit discouraged for awhile and quit taking pictures of every teeny tiny bit of progress.  I don't have any pics of the current interior, but here's where we are on the outside:

Got all the Tyvek on and the doorway cut, but not the windows.

Finally got all of the insulation installed.

Nest boxes are in, but no lid yet.

OMG, my view from the house of the pond isn't nearly this nice.  And they'll never appreciate it.

Started with the primer coat.  Got the chicken door cut out.

Here's where I get really behind.  Primer is done, and I've already painted two of the outside walls.

Still way behind, all of the interior walls are up and primered, now my daughter gets to start decorating however she wants.  The nest boxes are Dreamy Memory (pink) and Beach Sparkle (blue).  She still needs to add pink to the underside of the lid.  She got distracted by cutting seed pods off of our lillies instead...

She loves helping me with caulk.  She lets me run a bead, since its hard as heck and *really* hurts my hand, then she smooths it out.

The goal for the weekend is to get pictures of the rest of the interior, finish painting the exterior walls, get temporary screen put on the windows.  Get the door hung.  I really, really, really want the chickens out of my house within the next 2 weeks, even if the coop isn't completed.  Oh yeah, we're busy all day Saturday, and not much is getting done tonight while I sit inside and blog...

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